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Success Stories

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I would like to thank your hard working, highly capable and very friendly staff who worked conscientiously for 7 days on my husband and my treatment. I would like to congratulate you on your expertise and professionalism in handling such an intensive panchkarma treatment so gently. The clinic was always calm, immaculate, and even pleasantly scented. I would like to commend you on your punctuality which we really appreciated. In addition we would also like to extend our gratitude for the lovely refreshing cups of green tea. I will never hesitate to recommend your clinic to my friends and family.
Tres agialle dommage de ne pas avoir recontre Dr. Ajayita plus tot very good. Shame on we that not met Ajayita before.
Groleau Evelipe(France)
It is a divine feeling. It is amazing treatment. I do not recommend anybody to miss it.
Hanna Tabib(Israel)
For the first time I bathed in oil and is my Zodiac sign is Pisces, it felt very well, despite oil feeling is very different than water, my 67 year old dry skin really after this - Thankyou!
Sigrid Koster(Germany)
The oil for eyes was not very nice,but after the treatment what a satisfaction, I see better. Thankyou! The pouring of oil on the front of head is a new experience very nice & its very relaxing.
Hebrant Steven(Villiers-Sur-Morin)
I enjoyed all the treatments very much, I feel very relaxed now, my skin is smooth & my soul feels satisfied!
Philippa Atkinson - Negi(London)
I enjoyed it vey much. Great experience and really relaxing! Thanks a lot.
Mureille Debersaques(Belgium)
What a wonderful therapies you have. It was my first experience of Ayurvedic Massage. The two session I had were magical and I look forward to my next visit here. Thankyou!
Ali Taibona(Surrey)
I had taken Shirodhara. It was a wonderful experience. Dr Chanana and her staff is very Co-operative and soft spoken. My best wishes are always with them.
Mrs. Varsha Jaiswal(Shimla)
La masseuse sait faire passes son energie a travers in massage tonique. Une tres bonne relaxation.
Grondin dlyriam(France)
How to express what I experienced and learned here? Gaining the knowledge of Yoga(Pilosophy as well as the "asans") from such a great, knowing teacher as Mrs. Chanana gave me a little treasure. I am going to carry it as s lifelong enrichment for my future - life. And not to mention the peace and paradise experience the Ayurveda - Sittings gave me more than relaxing! Thank you very much, I'll definitely miss all this. But saying goodbye means we can say hello again!
Laura Schwoebel(Germany)
My husband was suffering from depression since past seven years and he was under treatment at Ludhiana CMC but he could not get any relief and his personality converted into total sluggish and indecisive. Then he started the treatment under Dr Ajayita and in just one month he is now perfectly confident, hail and hearty. Our best wishes and heartily thanks to her.
Mrs Daljit Kaur
I had Ovarian Cyst measuring of 6*6 cm in my left Ovary. I took treatment from Dr. Ajayita and surprisingly in just one month the Cyst was clear and even my radiologist was surprised to see.
One person in my life to whom I really adore and respect is Dr. Ajayita. My daughter was suffering from Purulent Meningitis and her head circumference started increasing when she was only 20 days old. Neurosurgeon performed the surgery and increment in head circumference stopped. But unfortunately my daughter's right side knee joint was flexed up to 50 degree and she was unable to walk and stand on her own. Simultaneously she was suffering from ticks and jerks, she used to nod her head several times in a minute. All allopathic doctors told me that the girl cannot stand straight and cannot walk and her ticks and jerks cannot be stopped. Then Dr Ajayita started the treatment of this girl at her Clinic and now my daughter walk straight, stand straight and she increased her height 3 inches and now no jerks in just 6 months. Sincere and warm thanks to her once again.
Avinash Garg (Ropar, Punjab)
I belong to Bhatinda(Panjab) and we fly to Ireland for 2-3 years. I was suffering from MIGRAIN since 7-8 yrs and my frequency of bowel clearance was 8-10 times a day. Due to that I was continuously losing my weight and also my energy level was running down at high speed. I had concerned number of doctors both in Allopathy and Ayurveda, but all the treatments were in vain. I found Dr. Ajayita on Internet and came to her. She treated me for 3 weeks and now even my migraine and IBS both are fully cured I am thankful to her because now I am energetic and there is no low feeling and I find myself confident, even my family is thankful to her.
Sangeeta Saini
My son was 11 months old and was not walking as yet and his right foot was rotated outwardly. We were very worried as the Ortho saedician was suggesing for surgery. We consulted Dr. Ajayita and she started the Panchkarma abhyangam for 10 days and she gave the observation period for 1 week and again she started for one week We were happy as on his 1st birthday my son was walking and above all his foot has been corrected.
Sanjay Chandigarh, Father
Rampal age 44, resident of Chandigarh. I was suffering from Psoriasis since 6-7 yrs. I had tried all the allopathy treatments but there was no result. I consulted Dr. Ajayita and she put on some oral ayurvedic on the affected area the patch is clear and I am feeling very-2 good. Thank you very much.
Rampal Chandigarh
After delivery of my daughter, my abdomen was in bad shape. I still used to look 8 month pregnant and had tried all other methods to correct myself but failed. I searched her on Internet and she gave me obesity treatment 3 times at the month interval. Now I have attained my desired flat tummy and she perform no surgery. I am highly thankful to her.
Rachna (Zirakpur,Chd.)
I have enjoyed my visit here. I found Dr. Chanana very authorities and knowledgeable. I am very interested in the Ayurvedic Health System so it was great to experience both the Rejuvenative treatment and Stream treatment together. Thank you
Mavilyn Manning (Australia)
P.S. I have visited Chandigarh several times and love the civilized contrast to all of the chaotic India in the rest of the country. Our capital city in Australia is also a planned city so this is the Indian Version. The massage combined with steam treatment provided me with relaxation such that I haven't felt in a long time. Thank you for the treatment and advice. I would be very interested to learn more about Ayurvadic principle.
Sophia De Saran (London)
You are a Ferrari. You are born a high- speed, high- precision creation designed to compete in grueling ace of life. Sadly- however, you also have a built in obsolescence aging. And it starts at the time of birth. If you want your all cylinders to fire as your age increases, you have got to do what Ferrari dose in formula one race. You have got to take pit- stops for essential servicing. These human pit - stops can be termed as Ayurvedic centers, spas etc. Over here we get our built in repairing system restored, which exists in name other machinery except the humans. If however it is obstructed by a tense lifestyle, the system becomes stressed. It can no longer get rid feel tired of body moment I got this lifeless realization about myself 'Charak' Center came for my restoration. There is a certain clinical atmosphere about the 'Charak' centre. Everyone who comes to 'Charak' for treatment has to be examined by the Ayurvedic Physician. Once the treatment has been prescribed the therapists take over. I was prescribed Nasya initiated by a Shirodhara, which is an oil treatment restricted to the head area i.e. distressing your muscles of brain cells. This really helps in calming me down aligning me for the path that I need to race on in this world.
Ritesh (Architect)(Chandigarh)
This clinic has a highly professional approach to physical treatment of health. The oil treatments gave a beautiful feeling of well being. The treatments and benefits are explained carefully. The confidence of Dr. Ajayita inspires trust and relaxation with the treatment. Thank You
Gullian Welsted Hismone NSW (Australia)
I was recommended to visit this clinic by one of friend. I was suffering from constant tiredness and low energy level I undergone just one session and to all my surprise I felt full energy and I was very relaxed. I feel sorry for my self that I am a foreigner and I can not visit her regularly. Dr. Ajayita is very professional competent and amicable, above all she gives the patent personal attention which makes one at comfort and fully relaxed.
Tricia Ali (Trinidad)
I had been suffering from back ache for last six months, I consulted many of the doctors but in vain. Finally I came India to meet Dr Ajayita. I took seven days treatment from her and flew back Australia hale and hearty I am really thankful to her and strongly recommend this clinic to each and every one whosoever is sick.
Deepali (Australia)
La Doctoresse est tres competente, tres professionnel tres accueillante. L'equipe tres aimable. Bernadette

Bernadette & Rinku (Switzerland)
I had been suffering from FIBROMYALGIA since long and I consulted many of the doctors in my country but the problem remained as it is. I came India to meet my family friends and on their recommendation I consulted Dr.Ajayita, to my surprise she diagnosed my problem in the first visit. I was advised by her extensive PANCHKARMA TREATMENT. I feel much better, healthy and above all find my self back in life. I convey my deep thanks to her.

Carmim Pulz (Switzerland)
I am a known case of SLEEP APNEA. I took treatment from Dr Ajayita and I noticed a remarkable change in my sleep, I stayed in India for 4 weeks and I was not in the need to use the sleep machine, I slept without machine which was a great gift to me. I sincerely thank her for helping me.

Mr.Singh(Judge) (Germany)
I was recommended by one of my friend for this clinic. I took the consultation from Dr.Ajayita and took one session of rejuvenative treatment. I was over satisfied and recommend this clinic to all.

Mugdha (Poland)