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Las Vegas Beauty Pageant 2017

Dr.Ajayita Chanana –Winner of International Lady Vegas Beauty Pageant held at Las Vegas in America Ayurveda and Yoga have been the pillars of good health for ages .The duo not only keep a person healthy physically and mentally but also enhance the beauty of oneself. The inner peace gives boost to external glow and charm and it’s vice versa. The same was proved right by Dr.Ajayita Chanana who is a Gold Medallist Ayurvedic Doctor running her Ayurveda and Yoga Clinic in Chandigarh for the last 15 years.

Dr.Ajayita being an ayurvedic doctor not only preaches the innumerable benefits of Ayurveda and Yoga but also follows them judiciously. Dr Ajayita proved her mettle by winning the most coveted crown Lady Vegas at the International Beauty Pageant held at Las Vegas in America on 5th August 2017. She represented India at the Beauty Pageant and won the most prestigious crown making all of Indians proud of her colossal achievement. There is hardly a day when she hasn’t woken up at 4 o’clock in the morning. After a brief stroll followed by meditation she does her yoga exercises meticulously for one hour . She makes sure that she follows the dietary pattern as suggested in Ayurveda and there is barely a day when she has starved herself. She eats well but sensibly contrary to the concept that eating less will keep you fit and give a fillip to your slim figure . As we very well know that the youth of today in the endeavor to look beautiful become victims of Anorexia Nervosa -an emotional disorder, especially affecting young women, in which there is an abnormal fear of being fat, causing the person to stop eating. By winning the Lady Las Vegas Beauty Pageant she has sent a strong message to one and all that to stay fit and look beautiful one need not starve themselves.

The only effort one has to make is follow the path of our own Ayurveda and Yoga - Ancient time tested system of medicine which has proven itself through its unbridled methodology, an array of health boons benefitting millions all over the world over the years. Finally the message which Dr.Ajayita’s Triumph has sent to the youth of today is –To win a beauty pageant at the International Platform- Follow the dos and don’ts of Ayurveda and Yoga and be victorious,