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Dr Ajayita Chanana

    Dr Ajayita Chanana Director, A-Clinic
    Reg No-2223-1

  • Multi-Awards winner with highly acclaimed career spanning 20 years
  • Crowned Sapphire Lady-Vegas(2017)at Beauty Pageant held in Las Vegas, USA
  • President - Confederation of Wellness Medical Tourism and Spas, India (CWMTS)

Ajayita's Clinic can surely boast to be the only clinic in the world where you can get yourself treated by both traditional Ayurveda and contemporary innovative technology from Germany without surgical intervention .

    Enhance your beauty and attain good health,
    I am sure you know that good health is real wealth.
    Ayurveda has always proved its credence,
    It is time tested, treating all chronic ailments, perfect in every sense.
    Dr.Ajayita is the first doctor to introduce contemporary with traditional,
    Ayurveda from India and Carismed from Germany, Oh! Sure, the results are exceptional.
    Surgical options are bane to enhance your beauty,
    They give you side effects, not one but in plenty.
    Carismed is non - surgical option to make you slim, young, beautiful and smart,
    It does body sculpting in a way that's true art.
    Without a shadow of doubt Carismed is the best,
    Give it a chance & I am sure you will forget the rest.
    Come from India and come from abroad,
    Clinic will make you beam with confidence and give you smile that is broad.
    Lastly, Clinic's motto is to assuage your suffering,
    Ecstasy and elation is what we are offering.

    Professional Qualifications

    • Bachelor of Ayurvedic, Medicine & Surgery – Gold Medallist, Himachal Pradesh University, India
    • Certificate in Non-Surgical Aesthetic Treatment, Warsaw, Poland
    • Advance course in Panchkarma, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
    • Certificate Course in Aerobics, Mumbai, India
    • Certificate Course in French - Gold Medallist, Himachal Pradesh University, India


    Dr Ajayita is a successful, fast-paced Ayurveda professional who founded her clinic in 1998.She has grown academically and professionally in her 20 years of career. During these years, Dr Ajayita has successfully treated, allayed and assuaged the suffering of countless patients. Her expertise and care in Ayurveda is highly sought after by patients in India, Canada, Switzerland, Germany and UAE. Dr Ajayita’s forte in preventive and diagnostic treatments of physical and mental health is highly accoladed.

    In recognition of her tremendous contributions to promote Medical Tourism in Chandigarh (India), Dr Ajayita has been honoured and acknowledged by Administration of Chandigarh.

    Dr Ajayita is warmly welcomed by the local television networks, radio channels, newspapers, corporates and schools to deliver motivational talks around holistic wellbeing through Ayurveda. As a renowned speaker, Dr Ajayita has been often invited to United States of America, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Japan, Dubai and Nepal to share her knowledge and spread the power of healing of Ayurveda.

    Dr Ajayita’s own energy comes from the immense satisfaction that she receives by working with children living in orphanages and senior citizens living in old age homes. To help her with her efforts, she has setup ‘Horizon Health and Educational Trust’in Mohali, Punjab (India).



      • Award of Honour at International Health Conference on Spa, Health, Wellness and Medical Tourism, 2013 and 2014 in Chandigarh
      • Pharmaleaders Award- India’s Most Promising Ayurvedic Entrepreneur of the Year, 2014
      • Guest Speaker at ASEAN Summit held by Indian Chamber of Commerce& Ministry of DoNER,Government of India at Imphal, Manipur
      • International Health Care Excellence Award, 2008

        Koblenz, Germany

      • Speaker at the World Ayurveda Congress, 14 – 17 October 2016, to present Panchakarma and Ayurvedic anti-ageing approaches for Skin, Health and Wellness

        Tokyo, Japan

      • Speaker at conference on the Role of Ayurveda in Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases

        Las Vegas, United States of America

      • Speaker at Conference on Trichology and Cosmetology
      • Conducted Ayurveda and Yoga workshops at the Hindu Temple

        Kathmandu, Nepal

      • Speaker at International Health Conference on Ayurvedic Approach to Sleep Medicine - International Health Conference, Hotel Radisson

        Dubai, United Arab Emirates

      • Delivered talk at India Club on Weight Management and Digestive System Disorder, Stress Management, Hypertension and Sleep Disorders

        TEDx Speaker

      • Ayurveda Cushioning Childhood
      • Scientific Publication in International Medical Journals
      • Topic Ayurveda aims to reduce the destruction and promote the synthesis of the stronger collagen fibres
      • Journal Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dermatology Research,USA- July 2014, Vol. 5 ,Issue 4
      • Topic Unconventional Therapies for Easy Prevention & Rehabilitation of Cardiovascular diseases
      • Journal Japanese Journal of Advanced Heart and Vascular Surgery, July 2014

        ZEE TV - Health Shows

        Hamdard TV-Health Shows

        Media Interaction

        National and Regional TV channels coverage

        Social Life and Interests

      • Singer - recorded a couple of songs professionally
      • Show stopper at International Business Summit-CLMC (ASEAN Countries)
      • Adjudged Queen Chandigarh, 2007 on Karwachauth (Indian festival celebrated by wives for the long & healthy lives of their husbands); coverage by Star TV
      • Model for Kangra Tea Bhageshwari Brand, 1994

      Contact Details

      Dr Ajayita’s Charak Ayurvedic Panchkarma Clinic
      SCO-71, Sector-30C,
      Chandigarh 160 030 India

      Mobile: +91 98723 50123