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A Gold Medalist in Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, Dr Ajayita has been running her clinic in city beautiful Chandigarh for eight long years. She is a renowned practitioner of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is a complete science of life and it is India's best gift to the world. In her last eight years of practice in Chandigarh and prior to that in Shimla she has been bestowed with International Health care excellence award for her judicious services.

She has been featured on many TV programms to talk about how her treatments help in curing problems like hair loss, stress and other life style disorders. She has visited Europe a couple of times and has learnt a lot about contemporary treatments and has shared her knowledge of Ayurveda with reputed doctors abroad. Patients visit her clinic from India and abroad to reap the benefits of the treatments.

She has done a comprehensive study in non invasive surgical procedure, ideal for beauty enhancement on a device Lipokontur in Poland. The device is manufactured in Germany and is designed and developed in the USA. The device is CE marked, that confirms high standards of quality and is endorsed by super specialist doctors in Europe. The device works on SHYLD Therapy-Shock, Hyperthemia and Lymphatic Drainage. Doctors and scientists have developed a comprehensive new therapeutic method called the SHYLD Therapy to treat cellulite, stretch marks, circumferential reduction, weight loss and to tighten lax skin of face and body. It is based on proven science using multiple technologies carefully sequenced to achieve outstanding results. It is a unique, innovative clinically proven concept for body sculpting and beauty enrichment. Further details of the device are on www.carismed.com

Enhance your beauty and attain good health,
I am sure you know that good health is real wealth.
Ayurveda has always proved its credence,
It is time tested, treating all chronic ailments, perfect in every sense.
Dr.Ajayita is the first doctor to introduce contemporary with traditional,
Ayurveda from India and Carismed from Germany, Oh! Sure, the results are exceptional.
Surgical options are bane to enhance your beauty,
They give you side effects, not one but in plenty.
Carismed is non - surgical option to make you slim, young, beautiful and smart,
It does body sculpting in a way that's true art.
Without a shadow of doubt Carismed is the best,
Give it a chance & I am sure you will forget the rest.
Come from India and come from abroad,
Clinic will make you beam with confidence and give you smile that is broad.
Lastly, Clinic's motto is to assuage your suffering,
Ecstasy and elation is what we are offering.

Ajayita's Clinic can surely boast to be the only clinic in the world where you can get yourself treated by both traditional Ayurveda and contemporary innovative technology from Germany without surgical intervention .


  • Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery(Gold Medalist Himachal Pradesh University)
  • She has done a comprehensive study in non invasive surgical procedure, ideal for beauty enhancement on a device Lipokontur in Poland. The device is manufactured in Germany and is designed and developed in the USA.
  • Advance course in Panchkarma(Jaipur, Rajasthan)
  • C.C in French (Gold Medalist - Himachal Pradesh University)
  • C.C in Aerobics (Mumbai)
  • Diploma in Nutrition, Health and Fitness (United States of America - A Grade)

Work Experience

  • Visited Germany for a meeting with Dr. Ralf Bodenschatz a leading neurologist in Germany and now in joint collaboration working on treating patients suffering from sleep apnea
  • Bestowed with Award of Honor at an International Health Conference on Spa, Health, Wellness and Medical Tourism held in February 2013 in Chandigarh.
  • Bestowed with International Health Care Excellence Award, 2008.
  • Gold Medal - Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, H.P. University.
  • Gold Medal - French Language, H.P. University.
  • Ayurvedic Consultant to Chitkara School and University.
  • Delivered Power Point Presentation to Multinationals like NOKIA and other IT companies on topics viz. Stress.
  • Ayurvedic Consultant to Bollywood Star Jackie Shroff and Indian International Hockey Player Deepak Thakur.
  • Various articles published on health topics in leading newspapers.
  • On TV News, a couple of times for treating complicated cases.
  • Adjudged Queen Chandigarh, 2008.
  • Jury member - Woman of the year award 2012 North India.
  • Was on ZEE TV in a special panel of four women representing women from North India in an exclusive show on safety of women telecast live.
  • Speaker at an International health Conference on sleep medicine at Hotel Radisson, Nepal.